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Case Studies

The following case studies provide a brief summary of the types of work that we are typically engaged in.

Sites with a legacy of coal mining

Working thorought the South Wales and Bristol Coalfields, we have extensive experience in the assessment and mitigation of risks at sites with a legacy of coal mining.  In most instances, an initial desk-based assessment will be undertaken to establish whether any significant risks apply.  If the possibility of significant risk cannot be discounted on the basis of desk-based research alone, then fieldwork would normally be undertaken to investigate features such as old mine entries and underground workings.  In situations where the fieldwork establishes that a significant risk exisits, we assist with the design, specification and field supervision of stabilisation work.


A typical workflow is illustrated by a small housing development in Swansea, South Wales, where our desk-based research and subsequent boreholes found old coal mine workings at shallow depth.  The site was made safe for development by filling the workings with a PFA:OPC grout via a grid of grout injection borheoles.  Selected figures from the reports we prepared for this project are presented below.

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