Contaminated Land

We provide specialist advice and support in all areas of Contaminated Land Management.

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Contaminated Land
Contaminated Land Management

We provide specialist advice and support in connection with the following areas of Contaminated Land Management.

  • Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Sites;
  • Hazard Appraisal and Risk Assessment;
  • Human Health Risk Assessment;
  • Hazard Appraisal and Risk Assessment;
  • Water Pollution Risk Assessment;
  • Gas Risk Assessment;
  • Building Materials Risk Assessment;
  • Remediation Options Appraisal;
  • Specification and Supervision of Remedial Works;
  • Supervision and Verification of Remedial Works; and
  • Regulatory Approvals.
Interpretative reporting service

Investigation and assessment

A contamination risk assessment will initially involve an element of desk-based research, making reference to resources such as historical Ordnance Survey mapping and Local Authority searches. The findings of this initial Phase 1 Desk Study or Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA) will be used to inform the design of the subsequent intrusive ground investigation works. In conjunction with an intrusive ground investigation, we offer an interpretative reporting service to provide contaminated land risk assessments to gauge the significance of risks posed by a range of geohazards, including:

  • human health risks;
  • water pollution risks;
  • gas/vapour risks; and
  • risks to building materials.

site supervision and verification services;

Depending on the outcome of a risk assessment we can also provide:

The outcome of the contamination risk assessment will typically be used to establish whether measured levels of contamination present a significant risk of harm to human health, or a potential risk to the surrounding natural environment. Our specialist team will adopt a practical and pragmatic approach to the assessment, considering the sensitivity of the surrounding environment and the scale of the project, in an effort to provide cost-effective solutions to any contaminated land issues. Subject to the findings of an assessment of this type, further advice and assistance can be provided with:

  • a remediation options appraisal;
  • a specification for remedial works;
  • site supervision and verification services; and
  • assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals.

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