Geology and Geotechnics

Our interpretative reports provide a comprehensive and detailed geological and geotechnical site appraisal.

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Geology and Geotechnics
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About the service

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What's included in this service?

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Interpretative reporting service

Interpretative reporting service

In conjunction with intrusive ground investigations, we provide an interpretative reporting service.  Our interpretative reports provide a geological and geotechnical site appraisal in the context of existing or proposed land use together with geotechnical design advice covering matters such as:    

  • foundations (shallow and deep);
  • ground subsidence (including subsidence due to historical mining);
  • earthworks;
  • earth retaining structures;
  • pavements;
  • ground improvement;
  • drainage;
  • slope stability;
  • groundwater control; and
  • working platforms.

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